Manufacturing and Wholesale

Our manufacturing and wholesale product is designed for businesses in the manufacturing or wholesaling of components or finished goods.

It is a flexible and comprehensive product, spanning a wide range of trades, and is tailored to address the specific insurance risks of this dynamic sector. The result is a solution that is highly cost-effective and delivers unequalled quality of service.

What does this insurance cover?

Our product has five core covers with the ability to add on optional covers as required:

  • Property damage and theft
  • Public and products liability
  • Money and assault
  • Commercial legal protection
  • Employer’s liability

Why do I need it?

The implications for businesses with not enough, or the wrong kind of cover are potentially catastrophic. That’s why it’s crucial to ensure your cover is comprehensive and technically water-tight.

Why should I use Garratts?

At Garratts, our team of specialists provide insurance specifically tailored to the needs of individual manufacturing and wholesale businesses. This means the cover is correct in every respect, whether you are a precision engineer or a fruit and veg wholesaler.

Our tailored solution is designed to cover engineers operating in all sectors. Extensive experience of working alongside clients in the industry means our prices are highly competitive and our quality of service is second-to-none.

How do I get in touch?

To discuss your detailed insurance needs, speak to our friendly specialists by calling 01772 555576 or click here to send an email to our team.

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